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I am overloaded with the amount of information available and unable to use any of it to make informed career decisions.


A resource to learn from other female leaders in Tech or Business would be incredibly useful for my next move. 

What We Offer


Summarized takeaways from books, articles and blogs


Curated, thought provoking actionable insights


Priceless advice from C-Suite executives 


Speaker series, workshops and networking events

We summarize executive coaching and career advancement topics helping you gain key takeaways from books, articles, blogs, and podcasts in 5 minutes, or less. Please subscribe to our mailing list for curated career advice, actionable insights, and be the first to hear about exclusive invites to our events. 
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About Us

Building a community of powerful and supportive women leaders across the globe. We are an inclusive and diverse community open to all. 

Our founding team met at the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) in the Executive MBA program. We are successful women in C-suite roles wishing we had the advice, soft skills, and mentorship training from other trailblazing women early on in our career journey.


We recognize that the path to success is not linear. We are passionate about creating leaders, especially women, at every single level of an organization with the soft skills and mentoring support needed to level up in the world. 

Coaching in itself has transformed into an elite, high-cost activity, often reserved for executive positions, and we are challenging that by providing summarized, easy to absorb, curated information from world-class leaders, books, articles, blogs, and podcasts for career advancement and personal growth.


No expensive exclusive memberships  or extensive boot camps required.

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